iPT Motor Series for Big Fans

Intelligent Premium Torque Motor

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*Intelligent Premium Torque Motor

Why iPT Motor Series are different than the rest of the motors in the world?

Continuous Operation

​​7 /24 continuously full performance,
no heating,
no derating
direct drivegearless 
BEST HVLS solution

Continuously maximum air flow!​

220 V – 400 V
at the same motor

Reduced Inventory cost

Thanks to star-delta connection
at the same motor

Energy Efficient

According to Asyn motor + gearbox energy consumption is
lower than 30%.

According to PM Syn and BLDC motors total energy consumption is
lower than 20%.​


  • Continuous Operation
  • 220-400 V at the same motor
  • Energy Efficient
  • Ambient temperature 50°C
  • Sensorless PM control
  • 66 poles
  • Very quiet 
  • Gearless
  • No oil
  • No cooling
  • Compact Size​​
  • Very low cogging torque
  • Continuously full air stream,
  • Reduced inventory cost
  • 20% less energy cost
  • Full performance at high ambient temp.
  • 20% less energy cost
  • Best performance for HVLS applications
  • No noise
  • No maintentance cost
  • No risk for oil drop
  • Less energy cost
  • Less packaging cost, less bracket cost, less transportation cost
  • Minimum Noise level

We produce the most efficient direct drive HVLS motors.
Beside of having many advantages to the geared solution,
the patented EMF Motor permanent magnet technology is quite different
than the conventional direct drive motors.

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